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NCAA: Boricuas at Penn State want to play for national team

February 6, 2011

Boricuas at Penn State want to play for national team

Rafael R. Díaz Torres
Daily Sun
Puerto Rico

University Park, PA

Leading their team to another NCAA Final Four is a priority for Penn State volleyball players Dennis Del Valle and Edgardo Goas.

Yet focusing on the current season is not an obstacle for starting to dream about a bright sports future after college.

For both players, receiving an opportunity to represent Puerto Rico on a major international tournament is a big part of that personal desire.

Wearing the red, white and blue colors that characterize the national Puerto Rican sports jerseys is not new for neither of these two young players. They have been teammates at both the Junior and adult levels for their country’s national volleyball representation.

In 2009, Goas and Del Valle were invited to be part of the Puerto Rican adult team that represented the island in the Pan American Men’s Volleyball Cup that was held in Chiapas, Mexico.

Now, the Boricua representation for the Penn State Nittany Lions looks forward to receiving another chance to join their country’s national team.

“Right now, Dennis and I only have control over our area which is to keep practicing and continue to improve our game. If we get the opportunity to represent Puerto Rico, it would be an honor to play for our country”, expressed Penn State’s setter, Egardo Goas.

“We will be ready and we have practiced here (at Penn State) for several years. If the opportunity comes this summer or later, we will always be ready”, added the Redshirt Sophomore and former “Club Borinquen” player.

Unlike Goas, who still has an additional year of college sports eligibility after the current season, Dennis will graduate at the end of the 2011 spring semester.

For Del Valle, the immediate priority is to finish his academic degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management.

“For me, volleyball is almost over at Penn State, but I also need to finish my undergraduate degree here. Completing the degree is the main goal right now. That was the most important reason to come to this university”, said Del Valle.

“I’m not in a hurry to represent Puerto Rico, but my doors are always open in case the national federation invites me. I would be really proud if that happens”, added the Senior libero and three time All-American player.

Dennis’ Nittany Lions are currently ranked no. 8 in the United States college volleyball circuit. His campus at University Park, PA will host the 2011 NCAA Men’s Volleyball Final Four (May 5th-7th).

(The photo was provided by Roberto I. Albandoz Carrasquillo.)

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