lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Michelle Cardona reaches 6,000 assists

Former Puerto Rico’s national team member Michelle Cardona became the first player to arrive at 6,000 assists in the Women’s Volleyball Superior League (WVSL).

The important accomplishment was made last Thursday night when her team, the Mayagüez Indians, lost against the Caguas Criollas.

“After fourteen years in the league, this was a very emotional moment to me. It’s not easy to make it this far”, expressed an excited Cardona.

Right now, Michelle just focuses on the 2011 season and the possibility to win a title.

“We have come from less to more as we are currently playing a high level volleyball. We are sending the message that the rest of the league cannot discard the Mayagüez Indians”, added Cardona.

The Indians have the second best record in the league. They play for 10-4.

(The picture is a courtesy of Gabriel Muriente Pastrana.)

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